Best Nike shoes you don’t have to wait in line for

Best Nike shoes you don’t have to wait in line for

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Last updated: December 12th, 2017


The Getdown


Along with Adidas and a handful of other brands, Nike is considered to be one of the greatest when it comes to the shoe game. They are in practically everything from running shoes to hiking boots. With reputation, comes opportunity. Nike has partnered with athletes and celebrities to create a range of shoes that are limited or still in production today.

If you live near a Nike store or a store that sells shoes, you may be familiar with the site of people in camping chairs lining up to be first to buy limited or newly released shoes. I understand that not everybody has the time or the ambition to line up in the cold, so we have compiled this list below. This is a list we have compiled of the must-have Nike’s if you want to expand your shoe collection or go with something casual and will accentuate your appearance and not having to wait in line.


The List


1. Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez is one of OG Nike shoes on this list, made in 1972, originally made as a track shoe, today it’s a must-have casual shoe and a streetwear icon.

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2. Air force 1

Coming in low, mid and high tops, made in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 now comes in so many colours and variations that it’s a must-have in anyone collection.

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3. Nike Air Max

Made by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, the Nike Air Max has gone through many designs and colourways to find a place in today’s street culture.

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4. Nike Huarache

Loved and hated by many, the Huarache’s is either something you will wear or run away from. Often mocked to look like a someone wearing socks and crocs, the huaraches are still loved to this day.

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5. Air Jordan

Perhaps the most famous collection of shoes to ever come from Nike, the Air Jordan’s was created for former pro basketball player Michael Jordan. There are over 30 Jordan’s available not including variations that are available. That means you have so many options when it comes to deciding what colours you like and designs that best suit you.

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6. Nike Air Foamposite

Today’s fashion world has accepted the use of basketball shoes to be incorporated in modern looks. Coming in a range of unique colours foams are perfect for matching your shoes with something else or to use it as a signature shoe people know you for.

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7. Nike Rosche run

Compared to a free run, which is more of a running shoe, the Rosche run is more of a casual shoe. Perfect to wear with trackies, the Rosche Run’s are simple and designed for casual get-ups.

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8. Nike Flyknit

So lightweight and breathable. Woven by strong yarn, the shoe literally fits like a sock. The Flyknit is a slightly more creative option when it comes to casual sportswear compared to the Nike Rosche Runs.

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Other Shoes that might spark your interest






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