Fixing Asymmetric Muscles

Fixing Asymmetric Muscles

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Last updated: December 11th, 2017


The issue with asymmetrical muscles.

You look in the mirror, posing, but notice that you look bigger on one side. That’s a problem many of us face and shouldn’t be something you implode about either, it’s completely normal. It’s just because our dominant side tends to do more work than the other side which leads to disproportionate muscles. Our job is to help you fix that whether one arm is bigger than the other or your glistening abs don’t align symmetrically.




First, you have to accept that there are outside forces out of your control that can cause asymmetry. These ‘outside forces’ can be your,
1. Genetics
2. Bone structure
3. Sports and athletic training
If this is your case, we won’t sugar coat it by saying we can get you to be perfectly symmetrical. However, we can help you to a certain extent to help even out your muscles.


How to begin


To begin, analyse what you do when you work out.
Do you use dumbbells or barbells?
Do you play a one sided dominant sport such as tennis or baseball?

Once you have figured this out, it may be easier to see where your asymmetry is coming from. If you play a sport like tennis, your dominant arm will have a more developed core which can lead to asymmetrical abdominals and even a more muscular arm.


What to do


To fix this, you can start to utilise and adopt certain exercises and resistance training that we suggest here to get a more symmetrical body.

1. Start to do everyday tasks with your non-dominant hand. Throughout your life, if you were right-handed, obviously the muscles on your right side is more dominant and defined.
2. Look at your form in the mirror when you perform exercises. The mirror is a perfect tool to see if one side is lifting higher or ‘different’ compared to the other side. By watching how you execute your workouts you can visually change and attempt to make your muscles on both sides.
3. The plank, the plank will help you get a strong core and build lower abdominal muscles. If you find that the standard plank is only working one side, you can do a side plank to isolate one side of the abdominals.
4. If you use barbells, you may not know it but one side may be using more energy to overcompensate and support the muscle on your other side that is lacking and underdeveloped. Therefore, if you use dumbbells, it will force each side to exude the same amount of force to perform your workout. Again, performing these in front of the mirror will prove to give maximum returns in terms of muscle symmetry.
5. Record yourself and see what looks “off”. By doing this you know what to do differently, for example lifting your right arm up more or adjusting your stance.


Time has everything to do with it


Remember, that muscles don’t grow overnight and it may take several months for you to see equal size and strength on both sides. One side will always be bigger than the other, there is no denying that but once you get to a certain point of symmetry, even though you will know one side has more muscle, visually, you will be seen as symmetrical.




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