Jeans, jeans & more jeans

Jeans, jeans & more jeans

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Last updated: 16th December, 2017



When it comes to Denim jeans, whatever the style, fabric or type used, the world is limitless and there are so many options to choose from. Because of this, people don’t know how to mix jeans into the rest of their fashion so that it flows nicely and complete their look. The jeans are usually too big for them, not the right length or just looks off somehow. This guide is for those people and the seasoned fashionista who wants to learn more about the world of denim and hopefully after reading this guide they’ll be able to rock their jeans with no issues.



There are all different types of jeans available such as skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared, but they are usually part of one tree. Combining Your favourite Jacket with your favourite pair of jeans, helps complete your look. Below are the three jeans that most of these fall under:

  • Straight leg

    No size change throughout and as the name suggests. It goes straight down in the same circumference around.


    Tapered jeans

    Slightly smaller in your foot hole to give it a clean slim finish



    Bigger in your foot hole so it can go over boots.

A little flared, i know




Not all of us were born to fit into every piece of clothing we purchase. Some of us have big calves and a skinny waist or a big waist but skinny calves. Many of us face this problem and it’s not uncommon to look at ourselves in the mirror to see that the jeans we chose would only fit if our legs were longer by an extra foot. So, what do we do when out jeans are too long?

  • Get them hemmed

    If jeans are too long, you look silly cuffing it until the length is right, the best choice is to go to a tailor or do it yourself to get them matched to a length where its just right or a little bit longer so you can go for a cuffed look.

    Stacked Jeans


    Cuff them

    If the jeans you picked are only a little bit longer, by say a fist, instead of getting them tailored, you could go for a cuffed look where you roll them up until the length is just right.

    Roll your jeans up

    Stack em’

    If cuffing isn’t your thing, going for a stacked look is another approach you can take. This is when you let the jeans pile up on your shoe. But be careful, if it’s too long you will look like shorter than you actually are.
    Hemming Jeans




This is a common mistake. Too often you see people wearing jeans that are way too big for them or so tight you can see their veins through the denim.

Jeans are an investment, something you will wear for a couple of years, hopefully. So, take five minutes out of your day to just strip down to your underwear and measure your waist, hips, your quads and calves. Most websites online allow you to match up your sizes with their sizes to find what the perfect fit is.

What you need to watch out for is vanity sizing. Some jean companies label their size two sizes smaller than what the actual size is. Why? No sugarcoating, to make the wearer feel better. Understand that some jeans stretch and some shrink. Being able to fit two fingers in a relaxed state is a perfect size.




These days you can get any colour of jeans in different tones and hues. Its good to have a few pairs of jeans in different colours in your wardrobe to give you more options when going out. You’ll eventually lean towards one colour, be it neutral or a colour you love and that opens a door to buying jeans in different styles with a colour that you love. Here are some colours that are popular and currently in style:

Raw Indigo
Stone Wash

Click here to look at a few more colours

Colourful jeans
Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment -Claude Monet


Soooo…. how often do you wash them?


A common question people ask is how often you should wash your pants. Some say never, some say once a week, not sure if you should wash them every time you wear them. But, we suggest you wash them when they start to smell or you spilt something on them.



Jeans worth their price


With so many brands, the sky is the limit. Some people buy just to cover their body, others buy for durability whilst others buy the brands name and reputation. It doesn’t matter which one you buy, buy based on your tastes, likes and what suits you. If unsure what brands to buy, we have included some brands under $100, below $200 and over $200. Remember, depending on where you live, prices differ because countries like to do that.


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