How much money should you keep in cash?

How much money should you keep in cash?

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How Much?

So, how much physical paper money should you have on hand or stored at home? The easy answer is: as much as you want.


Although that may not have been the answer you were looking for, the reason for it is because everyone’s financial situation is different. Some live pay check to pay check with barely enough to get by while others spend the medium house income on jet fuel. Before we get into how much one should have, let us go over the pros and cons of keeping paper cash.


Movies have glamorised money and show mob bosses or people on the run have a bag full of cash and how easy they can hide from law enforcement with it. However, most of us live mundane, mediocre lives so keeping that much cash may not be needed.

  • Easy to access

    Cash is king and it speaks all languages. In times of emergency where you can’t access the bank, having physical paper cash can solve many of these problems.

    Cant be traced

    This falls under many movie situations but there are people out there who are worried the government is tracking their spending habits or just don’t want someone to know what they are pending cash on. Therefore, the biggest benefit of using cash is: it can’t be traced and usually there is no evidence of it in the first place.

    More security

    Having physical cash is both a positive and a negative, the positive of it is it gives peace of mind. You don’t have to worry in terms of emergency’s or disasters that strike your home. You can easily get your cash and relocate or solve the problem. It’s also a con which we’ll go over below.



With the growth of technology in the last couple of years, internet banking is one of the most secure and trusted sources to keep your cash. Its easily traced and if you lose it or someone robs you, you can get the money back, most of the time. Because of this many people have moved towards internet banking and have slowly migrated away from keeping cash. That being said, these are some cons of keeping cash.

  • If you lose it, did you really ever have it?

    One of its benefits of being untraceable is that if you lose it…it’s untraceable and hard to get back.

    No interest

    Banks offer you interest rates depending on the type of account you have and if you meet some of their requirements. Keeping cash on hand doesn’t provide that, its stagnant and doesn’t grow.

    More protective

    As mentioned above, money in the bank is traceable and if you get scammed, the chances of you getting your money back are higher.

    Fear of robbery

    If you keep it in obvious places around your house, you run the risk of getting robbed which plays with the part of being untraceable, not being able to get your money back.

There are more con’s on this list than pro’s but don’t let that deter you from keeping physical cash on your person or house. It ultimately comes down to your situation. If you are someone that is required to be quite flexible and versatile or someone who is grounded and has their roots quite deep in the soil. Whatever it may be, we suggest you keep on you, we will go into further detail of it below.

Where to keep it?

Warning: don’t tell anyone where you keep your eggs.
Standard places people keep physical cash is in a vault, safety deposit box or a common household item like a shoe box or in a bag. Quite frankly, you can keep your money wherever you want as long as it’s not easy to find.

Advice, don’t buy a lavish, big and expensive looking safe. If you’re robbed, that’s probably the first thing the robbers will spend time getting out of there and usually avoid everything else. Or was that your plan all along and the safe was empty and all your cash was in plain sight in a drawer next to the safe? You sly devil, you.

How much?

How long is a piece of string? As long as you want it to be.

As mentioned above, it depends on your situation and how much you want to flex (show off). But it usually falls under:

  • Nothing

    Aside from the loose coin jar, almost all of your money is in the bank. Why? Because its easy and safe and you’re a minimalist who hates carrying around notes that have probably been up a stripper’s ass.

    Enough for supplies

    Couple bucks here and there, in your wallet, car or pocket. I’d say most people fall into this category. Carrying enough to tip and buy food but not enough to buy large purchases.


    That infamous gangster roll. People who fall under this category are there to flex, have cash to avoid tax or just deal in cash. Carrying physical cash is easier for a lot of people because there’s no hassle and include all the pros of the above. Money is kept at home, on their person or some other place but most of their assets are physical rather than a number on a banking app.


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