Vertical and Horizontal pulling

Vertical and Horizontal pulling

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Last updated: 24th December, 2017


Vertical and Horizontal pulling

Your back muscles connect like a spider’s web all working together to perform everyday tasks and help maintain your posture. Resistance training can help strengthen and thicken your back to make you appear bigger and be physically stronger. When building your back muscles, it’s important to do a combination of vertical and horizontal pulling exercises.

A tip that can make you really feel your back working is to imagine yourself pulling the weight with your elbows. Aside from concentrating on the back muscles your working, feel the stretch before you pull, don’t hook your thumbs on the bar or dumbbell and when performing the exercise, imagine you’re pulling with your elbows rather than your arms.

To get maximum results, change your grip on the bar, the width and the weight.

Vertical Pulling

Vertical pulling exercises make you look wider. Its what makes people look at someone and think “they could fly with those”. When people strive for a v taper to get that wider look, your shoulders, lats and a narrow waist is what you need to achieve that.

Vertical pulling is a compound exercise and uses a lot of muscles but predominantly your lats. Some vertical pulling exercises are:

Chin ups
Lat pull downs
One arm dumbbell free-standing rows
Rope climbing

Horizontal Pulling

Horizontal pulling exercises gives you that thickness. It what makes you look wide when someone looks at you from the side.

Both vertical and horizontal thickness serves different purposes. If you work on just one type of horizontal exercise, it can be hard to perform the exercise you’re not used to. For example, if you work on just horizontal pulling exercises, you might be big but you’ll find it hard to do pull-ups and visa versa.

Horizontal pulling is a compound exercise and uses a lot of muscles but predominantly your trapezius and rhomboids. Some horizontal pulling exercises are:

Bent over rows
Seated rows
Reverse flys
Bent over rows
T bar rows

So to get a balanced and fuller look, incorporate both vertical and horizontal back pulling exercises into your workout. This will make your back have both width and thickness making you look bigger and stronger.

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