How to organise your life one step at a time

How to organise your life one step at a time

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How to organise your life one step at a time


A problem many of us face is the struggle to organise our life. We just don’t know where to start and we slowly start to slack, snowballing into bigger problems and always unorganised. There honestly isn’t a straightforward answer on how to get your life organised but there are methods that we will go through below that can lead you on the right path so that you find your own way. The end goal is that through this, you will discover how to organise your life just to your tailoring.

To begin, we have divided our steps into two categories filled with subcategories. The first category is Physical and the second is Emotional. Below, we will go through step by step what we recommend you do to organise these two parts of your life.

We highly recommend you buy a diary or a journal that you keep at all times. Whenever you have a date, a deadline or a random idea, you should write it down in your diary. By having all these in one book, you can always look back, remember and reflect.


Organise your life
The first stage is to de-clutter what you see and the things around you.



    Your bedroom. Your bag. Your world.
    The first step to organising your life is to organise the physical things around you. A messy bedroom leads to stress and can ultimately disturb you in other ways such as taking longer to sleep. However, its also argued that messy bedrooms result in environments where creative people flourish. Nonetheless, everybody’s definition of messy and clean is different. Just put the rubbish in the bin.

    How organised you wish to be Is entirely up to you. You can begin by organising all your files in one massive pile and call that organised or colour code them, divide them into categories and put them in folders, it’s entirely up to you.


    Unless you are the manager or the boss, there really isn’t much to do here aside from working hard and doing the most you can do.
    However, if you want to be a strong, independent person who don’t need no boss…We suggest you do something about it.
    Start a business. Everybody dreams of changing the world somehow. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says “I love working for this person, telling me what to do and this being the most I will accomplish for the rest of my life.” If it is, that’s fine, just go onto the next category, but if you aren’t! Start a business. Make a difference, organise your life.


    We’ve written an article on how to organise your finances.
    But if you don’t want to move away from this page, here’s a summary.
    1. Pay yourself first. Whether you have bills or rent to pay, you should always save a small amount every paycheck. At the start, it won’t seem like much but over time, the money will accumulate and eventually be big enough to be there if an emergency was to occur.
    2. This brings us to number two. Have an emergency fund tucked away somewhere in case something bad happens. You may lose your job and as you look for another one, if you organise your finances, you won’t have to worry so much. Most people suggest you keep 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses in an emergency savings account.
    3. Set your self a budget. This gets said a lot and it’s taken as a “yeah, yeah I will” kind of way. Actually spend five minutes working it out. Figure out how much money goes out (rent, phone bills, groceries), then divide the remaining amount by the number of days until your next pay check. This brings us back to step one. If you’re tired of living pay check to pay check, save money and pay your self first. Looking at a coma in your bank account is a surreal feeling.



The second stage, which is often overlooked is your inner clutter. Your emotional side which includes relationships and inner peace must be de-cluttered for you to feel organised. If your organised and look great outside but de-cluttered inside, can you say that you are truly organised?



    Once you’ve organised everything physical in your life, you need to move onto

    Sometimes you have to just cut toxic people out of your life. People hold onto relationships with friends, family or significant others purely because of the joys that they’ve gone through together. But there comes a time when one must step back and see the relationship for what it really is.

    How to organise your life one step at a time
    Master your inner peace

    Inner peace

    Inner peace is difficult to get right. Everybody’s version of inner peace is different. Most fall under forgiveness, acceptance, overcoming or justice.
    You see movies where the protagonist trains their whole life to fight a villain and once defeating them, they are at peace. Whatever the situation is, inner peace is something one must find within themselves to overcome.

Sometimes the cure is a clean conscience.

These five things must always be maintained, once completed, sure you can sit back and rest but rooms get dirty, emergencies happen and sometimes relationships crumble. But that’s the whole “challenge”. Everyone’s situation is different so its very difficult to give an answer that is relatable to everyone. Therefore, we’ve tried to give a broad overview on how to begin. We hope this has benefited you.


While you organise your physical and emotional world, its good to also maintain it. The reason why many people fall down and stay in an endless cycle of having a messy life is because maintaining life is hard work. To start to organise your life you must:
• Have routines and habits that you follow
• Create lists and to-do lists
• Set goals
• Having planners both physical and online such as google calendar and google drive.

How to organise your life one step at a time
There are many methods and ways to organise your life but creating lists and detailed plans can be relaxing because writing them down allows you to imagine yourself in that situation. Whatever option you choose, the above should prove to be a good start. We will upload more articles in the future that dwell into more specific areas of the physical and emotional clutter but until then, good luck.

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