The Importance of having a balance of muscles

The Importance of having a balance of muscles

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Last updated: 29th December, 2017


Balance of Muscles


“Hey, bruh! Do you even lift?” says the guy behind shades with well-developed arms, a good chest, chiselled abs and a cool tribal tattoo! Very, very impressive. But wait! You slowly look down to realise…this man has toothpicks instead of legs!

This is a common mistake for people who get into the bodybuilding scene. There isn’t much to be said on this matter except that one shouldn’t skip training a certain muscle because it hurts or too hard. Ultimately, by training every muscle, your appearance will be more symmetrical, give a fuller look and there won’t be a body part that stands out or another body part that seems inferior compared to the rest of your body.

How do you train to have a balance of muscles?


When the great Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger entered his first IFBB Mr Universe competition. He lost. He lost against Frank Zane in Florida 1968. Reasons people said he lost was that he didn’t have the legs to compete against Frank and that he wasn’t lean enough. That being said, Arnold had a very impressive physique but compared to someone else who had more leg muscles than Arnold, it led to his second place. So what did Arnold do? He went to the great Reg Park, one of Arnold’s idols and asked him what he would do. Reg Park told Arnold something many people at the gym still do today. Arnold wore tank tops and sweatpants. It’s natural for you to work on muscles you see. That’s why many gym rat’s arms and deltoids are big whereas your legs, especially your quads and calves, are hidden so you forget about them. What Reg told Arnold to do was to start wearing shorts and sweatshirts. That way you constantly had to walk around showing off your skinny legs. This type of embarrassment you feel will give you the motivation to work on legs and this ultimately resulted in Arnold finally getting his Mr Universe in 1970.

This method can be used to help your training. If hypothetically your legs where well developed but your upper body was not, you would do the opposite and wear sweatpants and tank tops. If you want to go on a cut, wearing a tight shirt to expose your fat in a very revealing way will motivate you to lose weight and avoid sugary foods. These methods are very unorthodox but they do work.


An article on asymmetrical muscles here.

Symmetry has always been connected with beauty. Not only this, if you have asymmetrical muscles and you are a competing bodybuilder, it can affect your chances of winning because a major decision is based on symmetry, not only mass. You will also notice those small issues that come with asymmetrical muscles. For example, your shoulders, if one trap has more muscle mass, you will find your shirt slides down and you constantly have to shrug so your shirt doesn’t slide down. When one side is more developed than the other, you will use muscles around it on the other side to compete with the weight. This is not what you want.

Therefore, aim for a balanced look, don’t work your upper body if your legs are lacking, maintain them and get your legs up to scratch before moving onwards. It is vital if you ever want to compete in a competition or just look good. If you have a massive chest and v taper but it ends in little chicken legs, you won’t look macho or impressive but rather become someone to laugh at. You don’t want that. We don’t want that. So work on your chicken legs.

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