Are Late Night Vibes The Best Way To Bond?

Are Late Night Vibes The Best Way To Bond?

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Last updated: 7th January, 2018


Late Night Vibes


There are feelings which words can describe such as happiness or even love. But it’s hard to pinpoint the exact words that you experience during a late night vibe moment. With love, your stomach can get butterflies and your whole world can brighten up in an instant. But when its 2 am and the whole world around you is sleeping and it’s just you and someone else, be it a friend, lover or even the moon. The world is silent. The world is yours. Your eyelids feel heavy and whether you’re driving to an unknown, unplanned destination or just staring up at the stars or city lights, everything is just better. There is no awkward silence, there is no judgment. It’s just you and them against the world.


As those words painted a picture, it doesn’t give justice to what you truly feel during those moments. But what it can do is create a bond, bond individuals in a way that having a coffee at a local café just won’t do. Friendships, relationships and even connections strengthen. With societies views on friendships, there is a huge shadow that casts over the need to have deep and meaningful relationships. How often do you hear about friendships ending due to gossip or another person?


There is a video on YouTube of Simon Sinek (Skip to the 5:40 mark), a motivational speaker among other things, who talks about the need for deep meaningful relationships. How receiving a text message releases dopamine which results in you feeling good, helping boost your self-esteem and makes you feel important. We highly suggest you take a look at the video if you have time.


Quality over Quantity


There is a notion of quality over quantity, there is no point having lots of friends if you can’t rely on any of them to help you in a time of struggle. If you can go through your friend’s list and find someone who has been there for you or will be there for you, get to a stage in your relationship where you can call them and say “I’m outside, let’s go on an adventure”. People need these types of relationships in their life. There is no need for machoness, even the strongest and toughest of homo sapiens need the company of others. Take Spartans for example, known to be one of the toughest warriors in history were known to form homosexual relationships and it’s said that because of this, more courage was shown in battle to look better for their significant other. Being said, this doesn’t mean you need to form homosexual relationships with your best friend, but you understand what I’m trying to say. This is no attack on homosexuality but to dismiss the belief that it’s possible to be too macho have a deep meaningful relationship with someone.


Saying “Yes”

Late Night Vibes
Say “Yes” more


Life is short, you don’t know when you or anyone else is going to die and time runs out very quickly. Experiences like these get rare as you move on in life. Responsibilities that many adopt such as becoming a parent or taking on longer hours to support yourself and others can hinder your chances to form relationships. There are many movies that have been made to portray rich businessmen who don’t have a family or can’t find love because of work commitments (watch “The Family Man” if you like Nicholas Cage). Don’t fall down that road, it’s lonely and makes you miserable fast. Say yes more and try experiencing a late night vibe moment. Some of the bests are the ones that aren’t planned. Spontaneity keeps us young and hopeful.



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