A minimalist’s Wardrobe, an idea

A minimalist’s Wardrobe, an idea

A minimalist’s Wardrobe

One man’s sketch is another man’s disaster


“Minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation.”
This quote goes a long way not only in your wardrobe but your life as a whole. Whether you’re a materialist or a minimalist, what you have in your possession right now is what you consider the right amount. It doesn’t matter if you end goal is to have less or more, we are talking about the present.

A minimalist’s wardrobe shouldn’t be seen as having a boundary of what they can wear or what they can’t. Each person’s view or version of minimalism is different and should be treated as such. One may interpret a minimalist wardrobe as colourful but few whereas another sees it as white, black and grey. Everyone is different and one man’s sketch is another man’s disaster.

Whatever it may be, it’s entirely up to you. Don’t be belittled by others around you claiming that a true minimalist only needs two t-shirts and one pair of pants. Your collection should be based around what is ideal for your life and not the person next to you. Minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation. Having the perfect amount for you.



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