Training different muscle groups

Training different muscle groups

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Last updated: 23rd of January, 2018


Training Different Muscles

An easy to understand guide for beginners


We present to you, straight to the point workouts that you can do to target different muscle groups. Its ideal for beginner lifters to those who are more seasoned. There are of course lots of different workouts that target these muscles, but the ones we have chosen are renown and would prove to be effective and act as a nice foundation where you can add more workouts and variations that best suit your needs.

Read through the front and back muscle groups and implement them in your workout for a balanced and full look.

We have decided to scrap the scientific names for muscle groups to make the page easier to understand. We will go into detail when individual articles are posted to target specific muscles. But in the meantime, explore and familiarise yourself with this page!


The Muscles


We have divided the muscles into two categories, the front view and the back view.

Front View


There are a few options to grow a strong thick neck. One, using your own body weight and two, the assistance of a neck strength harness that you see boxers and football players use.

Body weight:
To begin working on your neck, make sure you stretch thoroughly beforehand. You need to stretch all the other muscles around your neck because if you don’t they will jump in and take over because they are very hyperactive when you’re trying to work the weaker muscles in your neck.
The classic pushing your head on your hand will allow you to create a foundation of strength around your neck that you can then use to proceed into more difficult and complex neck exercises.
Here is a video that we have chosen that would benefit you.

This is another video that will benefit you.

Doing weight exercises such as trap raises where you hold two weights on either side of you and shrug and hold will help create strong muscles around your neck.

You may have seen a video of boxers preparing for a match by having a weird contraption on their head weighted down by a plate. This is a neck strength harness. It may look weird but they work. When beginning there is no point going heavy because you will Injure yourself. Going light but slow will benefit you the most and give you a thick strong neck.

Lying face down plate neck resistance
Lying down face up plate neck resistance
Seated head harness neck resistance
Isometric neck exercise – sides
Isometric neck exercise – front and back


The chest is divided into two muscle groups, the upper chest and lower chest. There are techniques that can help widen your chest such as chest flys.
To target the upper chest, the incline bench press is your best approach. To aim for symmetry, beginning with dumbbells instead of a barbell will help both your chests use equal amounts of power when lifting and not favour one side over the other. By doing an incline chest and working your upper chest, it will make you appear bigger and you will be able to press more when you do a normal bench press.
For lower chest, a decline bench press or a normal zero elevation bench press will target your overall chest. You can also use barbells to achieve symmetry here.
To target your serratus, which is the ripples on the side of your chest underneath your arms that look like finger have clawed into your skin, cable flys Is your best friend.

Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell Flyes
Incline dumbbell press
Low cable crossover
Decline dumbbell flyes
Bodyweight flyes

Shoulders (deltoids)

The shoulders are divided into three muscles, the front, side and back. To get a wider appearance, that famous v taper, your side shoulders is what you have to target and can help create that appearance.

Make sure you work all three shoulder heads to get a full proportioned look. If one or two head overpowers the other, your arm will look underdeveloped or incomplete.

Single arm linear jammer
Side laterals to front raise
Standing palm-in-one-arm dumbbell press
Seated barbell military press
One arm side laterals
Power partials
Reverse Flyes
Car drivers
X cable cross


The most famous muscle of them all. The biceps make up one-third of your arm so you must work parallel with triceps to get a complete balanced look.

For beginner lifters, you will gain muscle quickly before you hit a plateau and have to change your routine. But before that happens, and even if it does happen, the below workouts will help you at any stage of your lifting careers.

Incline hammer curls
Wide grip standing barbell curl
Spider curl
Concentration curls
Barbell curls
Flexor incline dumbbell curls


Having strong forearms like Popeye translates to stronger grip strength. It will help you in your lifting of weights. In addition, appearance having big forearms makes you look bigger where your biceps and triceps don’t overpower your arm and helps to create balance.

Rickshaw carry
Wrist rotations with straight bar
Wrist curl


Perhaps the first thing people look at when beginning their workout journey apart from their arms. Your abdominals are an important muscle to create core strength. Core strength is important in bringing balance to the front and back of your body. It helps prevent injuries and overall stability. Not a muscle you should overlook!

To help you with this, these are our chosen workouts that will get you that strong core!
One-arm medicine ball slam
Landmine 180’s
Suspended fallout
Leg raises
Cable crunch

Thighs (Quadriceps)

Your front thighs, the quadriceps are an important muscle to workout to get a balanced look and not nicknamed “chicken legs”, this also includes working out your calves.

These are our chosen workouts that you can use throughout your gym life to hit those quadriceps and get nice strong legs.

Single-leg press
Barbell full squat
Tire flips
Box squat
Step mill

Back View


The back is built up with lots of muscles, we have made it easier for you by dividing it up into lats, middle back and lower back. Try some of these exercises in your workouts to get that pump!


Weighted pull-ups
Pull ups/chin ups/ muscle up
V bar pull-down
Shotgun row
Lat pulldown
Straight-arm pulldown rope/ bar

Middle back

T bar row with handle
Reverse grip bent over rows
One arm long bar-row
One arm dumbbell row
Dumbbell incline row
Seated cable rows
Bent over barbell row

Lower back

Deficit deadlift
Axle deadlift
Rack pulls


The horseshoe, as its commonly known, makes up two-thirds of your arms. So if you want your arms to have a bigger appearance, building your triceps is the way to go.

To get that horseshoe on your arm, we have chosen these workouts for you to utilise in your workouts for maximum gains!

Decline EZ Bar triceps extension
Weighted bench dips
Push-ups close triceps position
Tricep pushdown – v-bar attachment


The curves and round shape of a butt is a muscle many strive for. There are so many different exercises and movements involving your own body weight and weight training.

However, because this guide is for beginners, we have chosen a few workouts that can help create a foundation of muscles around your gluteus that can then be further improved through our advanced workouts later.

These are our picks to get your ass working.
Barbell glute bridge
Barbell hip thrust
Butt lift (bridge)


Often forgotten about, the hamstrings play an important role in your life that includes walking, running and jumping.

To get your legs looking strong and voluptuous (wink wink), we have chosen these workouts to give your legs that wow factor!

Work these deadlifts into your workout to target your hamstrings.
Romanian deadlift with dumbbells
Clean deadlift
Barbell deadlift
Sumo deadlift


Argued to be the most difficult muscle to develop, hard work will form that beautiful upside down heart that shows its appreciation to you every time you look at them from over your shoulder.

To get those calves popping, resistance training with weights is your best approach. Our top four picks are:

The Smith machine calf raise
The Standing calf raises
The Standing dumbbell calf raise
The Seated calf raise

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